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     T1 Carrier Pricing Calculations And DS3 Bandwidth Information

    Written by: Les Harper - May 31, 2008

    T1 lines are priced by carriers in different ways. However this usually comes down to two components;the local loop (this is the cost the local carrier charges to carry the signal from the end user's Central Office (CO) to the Point Of Presence (POP) of the carrier)and port (access to the network through the carrier's network) Usually the port cost is assessed in access speed and contract level) and the loop is based on location. The greater the distance between the CO and POP the more the loop will cost.

    The loop price will be assessed by the mileage calculation (performed in V/H co-ordinates and not GPRS) and the telco piece. The Bell operating companies,usually Verizon,Qwest and AT & T all charge different T1 carriers price per mile rates. This means the price calculation has two distance steps - geomapping and local price arrangements.

    For T1 voice lines the above calculations are similar except the port (needed for Internet access) is exchanged by LDU (Long Distance Usage). Once the loop price is agreed the voice related charges are added to the total. Therefore total price = loop + LDU x minutes used.

    If the above sounds complicated don't worry as T1Services.info performs all these calculations with different T1 carriers. Any questions you may have on pricing will be explained in detail by our Product Specialists so you should have no hidden surprises.


    It is becoming obvious that a standard T1 circuit will not be able to cope with the growth of bandwidth applications. For example a T1 circuit is 1.5 megabits/sec whereby downloading a three minute piece of music is 3MB or 24 megabits. Uploading or downloading a digital photograph would use 2 MB or 16 megabits. A Power Point presentation is 10 MB or 80 megabits. If several office workers were to transmit a Power Point presentation at the same time the T1 connection would slow down for three or more minutes. This does not allow for all the other bandwidth limiting applications such as spam ‘e’ mail choking the connection to the Internet whilst trying to connect with the ‘e’ mail server. Other office workers may also be watching their security or baby cams at home, watching news programs, video channels or uploading other applications. The phenomenal growth in this area cannot possibly cope with a standard T1 line. To keep pace with this growing demand and maintain a High Speed internet connection you need to look for a DS3 provider. A DS3 which is sometimes called a T3 or E3 is leased from a dedicated carrier. This line connects directly between your business to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). A DS3 /T3 uses digital signals on fiber optic cables at a speed of 45,000,000 bits per second or 44.74 MB per second. This equates to 28 T1 connections. Usually a DS3 line is for more than 50 users and/or applications needing maximum bandwidth. Point to Point (PtP) access between two offices or businesses can be supplied by a DS3/T3 connection. A DS3 can cope with 672, 64 Kilobits per second voice conversations or 1 video line which is the standard used by North America and Japan. The DS3 line can cope with full streaming videos and transfers of large amounts of data at the same time without degradation. Large organizations or businesses would commonly use a DS3 line. These businesses or organizations would typically be Call Centers, Universities, Corporations or Internet Service Providers (ISP’s). Small business organizations would also use DS3 at a lower bandwidth when they want to serve multiple locations. These speeds are generally between 6 MB per second and 45 MB per second for a Fractional DS3 and full DS3 respectively. If you are an organization that has 50 or more users or a requirement for multiple bandwidth demands such as video conferencing between locations then you will need a DS3/T3 line. You may also be a business who is in the market wishing to provide bandwidth to your clients on a resale basis. Small to medium size organizations would usually use a standard T1 line which is capable of coping with 24 voice calls at the same time or a fast Internet connection speed of 1.5MB per second. With a DS3 line it can cope with 672 voice calls at the same time along with a fast Internet connection of 45MB per second. This is generally the requirement for huge amounts of data transfers and voice calls. This would equate to 28 T1’s or 672 voice calls. Part of a circuit is known as “Fractional” which is generally used by most customers. As an example a full DS3 is capable of delivering 45 MB per second whereby a Fractional DS3 line is the equivalent of 5 T1’s. This satisfies most business users’ requirements. The cost for a DS3 line depends on the distance you are form the Internet Service Provider (ISP) Central Office (known as CO) connection. You will also be charged for bandwidth usage. If you are planning on installing a DS3 line you would be wise to use a no obligation quote service such as DS3-T1.com. They can obtain the most competitive quotes from a range of carriers thus eliminating the need to trawl around individual carriers for your best DS3 quote. They also have Product Specialists experts in this field who can answer your questions and tailor the service you require. Some uses for DS3 is Point to Point (connecting two locations), Data transfer, Frame Relay, Voice calls and VPN.


    At T1 Services our T1/DS3 Bandwidth or Product Specialists are here to guide you through the process. We understand that a DS3 Bandwidth or large T1 circuit can be a large financial commitment and we want to get it right. If you have very specific DS3 Bandwidth specifications and want other services such as VOP,VPL or PTP our T1 Product Specialists can give you sound advice. We may also be able to send a T1 Equipment Specialist to assess your specific technical requirements. We want our T1 customers to be fully satisfied with our service. Working in partnership with our T1 customers,T1 Product Specialists and T1 Equipment Specialists will ensure we provide the best possible advice so our customers can make informed decisions.

    DS3 Prices

    Here at T1 Services we can offer DS3 prices at competitive rates. During the last few years DS3 prices have been falling and are now within the reach of most businesses. Our DS3 Product Specialists will search and find the best prices for your DS3 circuit or individual DS3 o3 T3 requiremnts.

    Nearly all our T1 Carriers cam offer some or all of the following features - Management of Internal Protocol (IP),Data,Voice and Security Solving.

    ADAPATABILITY - Management from end to end,customizing VPN and T1 services and methods of multiple carrier aceess.

    CUSTOMER CARE - Professional Product Specialists. Highly skilled delivery and installation teams with built in customer processes.

    SYSTEMS AND NETWORKS - Tailored to customer requirements,cost effective delivery,superior service,add - on applications.

    SECURITY - Monitored firewalls,personal firewalls and digital certificates

    FUTURISTIC INTERNET REQUIREMENTS - Monitored braodband,dedicated internet,able to deliver dedicated high speed T1 and DS3 internet services from a tier 1 internet backbone.

    T-1 AND MULTIPLE T-1 - High bandwidth solutions and future expansion. T1 1.5 Mbs now with the facility to add on additional T1 services at a later date. This aids business expansion with minimal disruption to existing services.