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Unlike DSL and other broadband technologies that are limited to only densely populated areas, T1 service is available just about anywhere with a phone line. T1, also known as DS1, uses repeaters to boost up the signal strength of the transmission - allowing it to travel up to 50 miles away from the nearest Central Office location.

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T1 High Speed Internet coverage for nearly all of the USA countys. Quotes given at High Speed.

 T1 Carriers Making the Right Choice

Written by: Les Harper - Jan 6, 2009

Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape T1 Carriers Making the Right Choice

T1 carriers at the best prices are not always as simple as it seems. Many customers want a T1 a carrier service at the cheapest possible price. Whilst this is understandable they often do not make the correct comparison or understand the whole life implications. This is especially true when the system goes down and the response time is less than adequate. Would you want your customers or potential customers to be unable to have the service they deserve?

Our existing customers know we only offer T1 services from Tier 1 carriers. This means you will be provided with a first class service in terms of uptime (usually 99%) and a responsive and active repair service in the fastest time possible. These guarantees are written into the contract so you know from day one the service you will expect. Far too often potential t1 customers try to negotiate a price with us based on an offering from a 2nd or 3rd tier carrier. This is not comparing like with like and on this basis we will not compete. If you want the cheapest T1 service and the likely unreliability that goes with it then that is your choice. One downside you will notice is that you are sharing bandwidth with other customers and at peak times your service will slow down. Our services are dedicated and that means dedicated to you and nobody else.

Some questions you may want to ask 2nd or 3rd tier carriers are:-

1. Can you guarantee 99% uptime? 2. Can you guarantee minimum downtime and response rates 3. Are all charges included in the MRC (Monthly Recurring Charge) 4. What are the penalties for terminating the contract early 5. Ask all the questions that are particular to your situation.

The most important thing is to get everything in writing before you sign a contract and donít rely on the sales representative sales pitch.

What makes us different is we give it to you straight. A t1 circuit can be a large financial commitment and we want to get it right for you. We will tailor a T1 to your specific requirements. You may want VOIP, Point to Point, DS3 or any combination. We can help with equipment as well as the T1 carrier as we have a network of VARís (Value Added Resellers) who can help with all the technical details or equipment.

We want the customer to be satisfied in every respect. Our Product Specialists will help our potential and existing customers all the way. We donít just sell you a T1 circuit and leave you. You can contact us any time and we are always there to help you.

Our existing t1 customers give us repeat business and renew their contracts at the end of their chosen term. This speaks for itself so we must be doing it right. If any potential t1 customer wants references from some of our existing clients we can provide this too. To sum up ask the right questions and get the answers in writing. Compare like with like and ask what service is provided with a tier 1 carrier compared with a second or third tier carrier? Ask us anything you like we are not just here to make a t1 sale.